Dameshandschoenen UA Storm Run Liner

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Dameshandschoenen UA Storm Run Liner
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Model lengte: Maat:
Dameshandschoenen UA Storm Run Liner

Product DNA

  • Dunne, aansluitende handschoen — kan apart gedragen worden, maar bij kouder weer ook als extra laag onder dikkere handschoenen worden gebruikt
  • De UA Storm-afwerking houdt regen en sneeuw tegen zonder afbreuk te doen aan het ademend vermogen
  • De zachte ColdGear®-stof geeft een extra warm gevoel zonder extra gewicht
  • Materiaal voert zweet af en droogt zeer snel
  • Tech Touch-print bij duimen en vingers zorgt ervoor dat je je handschoenen kunt aanhouden bij het bedienen van touchscreens
  • Siliconen print op de handpalmen voor meer grip en slijtvastheid
  • Geïntegreerd sleutelvakje op de rug van de hand
  • Reflecterende print en details voor meer zichtbaarheid bij hardlopen in het donker
  • Stijlnummer: 1320484
  • 90% polyester/10% elastaan
  • Geïmporteerd

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Not Great

I bought these because I needed just a little extra layer for my hands for morning runs/walks but they provide no protection. I live in a warm climate so I was surprised that they did not provide enough warmth to keep my hands warm. I love the fit and the style but would not recommend based on the fact that they do not keep your hands warm at all. I'm disappointed as I was so excited about these.

Touchscreen capability gone almost immediately

I WAS really happy with these gloves (nice and cozy) but the touchscreen matrix rubbed off within a month of casual use, and doesn't work at all anymore. Very disappointing for relatively expensive gloves.

Not very warm

These are fine for a mildly cool day, but anything below 30 degrees and they don't help much. Also, not wind proof. Touch capabilities work pretty well.


I saw the description on this year's version was changed to say that the conductivity is on the thumb and fingers (plural on the fingers.) I contacted support, who said the conductivity is now on more than just the thumb and first finger. Received today, and found the conductivity is not on anything more than the thumb and first finger. Sad. Will be returning, as I still have these gloves from last year. They're still decent gloves for what I got them for, I was just hoping to have conductivity on a finger I actually use.

Fijne dunne sporthandschoen

Ideale handschoen, lekker dun, je kan je mobiel gewoon gebruiken met handschoen aan! Zakdoekje kan mee voor een eventuele loopneus. Ik gebruik ze voor het hardlopen en mijn zoon zelfs voor de voetbal

Fits Well, Could be Improved

This glove is good for a liner or alone if it's not too cold. I usually wear a size 8/M so ordered the M and it fits fine. Overall I like the gloves but I would like to see a few improvements. First, I usually use my middle finger on my phone, not my index finger, so I'd like to see the conductive section taken another finger over. Next, I'd like to have a pocket on both gloves, rather than just one. I can fit a card key into the pocket but wouldn't want to put anything else in that might scratch it, so a second pocket would be ideal. Finally, I'd like to see just a tad more overlap on the pocket, as it gaps open just a bit in the middle when on my hand. Otherwise, I like the snug fit and reflective details. I also like the length so there's no gap between the glove and a sleeve.

Great lightweight outdoor glove!

Lightweight for cooler temps, surprised to see how great they are for using your phone while wearing them!!!

Comfortable and functional

I just ordered these gloves along with another grey pair to replace my last UA gloves that finally wore out after many years of daily use. I am thrilled that they fit me, as I often have to wear men’s gloves in many brands because my hands are so big. I am not a runner, but could see how the reflective detail is nice if you are. I like the touchscreen index finger as I often wear these types of gloves when out and about shopping or waiting for my kids to get off the school bus in the winter months and sometimes need to use my phone and would rather not have to take off my gloves to do so. My last pair had this feature and I probably couldn’t live without it. I am impressed thus far and am happy to have a sleek, comfortable pair of women’s gloves that actually fit me!

Perfect for me to keep warm while I work

I'm a professional photographer who often works outside in the cold. I did a search for the best gloves for photographers and these came up top of the list. I've got very small hands, and find it difficult to get gloves to fit, but these are very comfortable and only a tiny bit bigger than my hands, but that doesn't hinder my work when wearing them. I can totally recommend these gloves to other photographers and also to ladies with smaller than average hands

Great gloves

Was impressed with how well they fit, as I have big hands and normally relegated to menswear, but these are spot on. The long cuff is great as fits under sleeves nicely. Thin, but warm and not bulky, and work with touchscreen. Not normally a fan of gloves (bulkiness/loss of touch), but really like these, and not just for running, but also for cycling. Really pleased I bought them.