Damesjack ColdGear® Reactor Exert

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Damesjack ColdGear® Reactor Exert
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Model lengte: Maat: Pasvorm: Nauwsluitend
Damesjack ColdGear® Reactor Exert

Product DNA

  • Nauwsluitend: Dicht op de huid, maar niet te strak
  • De intelligente ColdGear® Reactor-voering past zich aan jouw inspanningsniveau aan zodat de ventilatie en warmte zijn afgestemd op jouw activiteiten
  • Under Armour Base 2.0 van gemiddeld gewicht bij de mouwen, capuchon en rug biedt zeer veelzijdige bescherming bij koudere omstandigheden en verschillende activiteitsniveaus
  • Het vlak aan de voorzijde heeft onopvallende isolatie tussen twee lagen hoogwaardige stof voor de ultieme mix van warmte en ademend vermogen
  • Onopvallende klittenbandsluiting voorop in het midden zorgt voor ventilatie zonder afleiding
  • Langere manchetten met duimlus zorgen voor extra bescherming
  • Steek- en borstzakken met rits
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Samenvatting Van De Beoordelingen

6 Beoordelingen

Love it

It is a great fit I wear it all the time! Can’t wait for my socks


I love this jacket. It has both the style and comfort I'd been looking for in sportswear. Since working out with my trainer I have lost a substantial amount of weight, so whenever I wear this stylist jacket it shows off my toned midsection. I wear it with my training pants, also under armour gear. I am so excited to have purchased something I will continue to wear for many trainings to come. Thank you for this opportunity to express my gratitude.

Not what I expected for ColdGear

I was expecting much more warmth especially since it's "ColdGear." It will work for getting to and from the car before and after the gym, but that's probably all I'll use it for. It's very comfortable and I am happy with how the hood fits around my head I just wanted it to retain more heat in the arms.

its more of a zip up hoodie

I knew this was a zip up hoodie, rather than a jacket, but i like it. The color is pretty, but I'm in a weird in-between sizes thing. If I got medium, the chest area would be very tight. I got large, and the sleeves are too long for me, and so is everything else, but at least it doesn't suffocate my breasts -_- mm it's not that comfortable because it's a bit big for me. But I still like it. It's a nice hoodie.


I liked everything about the jacket except for the lining. I felt like when I touched it it caught on my skin and did not slide on easily over any shirts except for slippery ones. I think I’m looking for a different jacket.

Lovely jacket. Poor quality zipper.

This lovely looking jacket is quite roomy. Meanwhile that is probably a blessing, because my biggest issue is the fact that when I wore it twice, walking, both times the flimsy zipper came undone at the bottom for no obvious reason. It was quite difficult each time to get the problem rectified.