Dameslaarzen UA Valsetz RTS 1.5

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Product DNA

  • Nieuwe buitenlaag van licht en slijtvast synthetisch leer en textiel
  • UA ClutchFit™-systeem omhult en ondersteunt de enkel op die plekken waar dat het hardst nodig is
  • Neus van TPU voor extra bescherming
  • Rand met gelaste PU-laag beschermt tegen beschadigingen
  • Voorgevormde antimicrobiële Ortholite®-inlegzool
  • Ultralichte Micro G™ EVA-tussenzool voor langdurig draagcomfort
  • Lichte TPU-schacht voor ondersteuning van de middenvoet en precies genoeg torsiestijfheid
  • Nieuwe rubberen loopzool met sterk tractieprofiel zorgt dat je onder allerlei omstandigheden grip hebt
  • Hoogte: 18 cm
  • Gewicht: 385 gram
  • Geïmporteerd

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Poca durabilidad

Adequeri las botas hará un año, al principio eran súper cómodas pero con el paso del tiempo se han empezado a detiorar por el interior y el exterior, sobre por la zona delantera, al cabo de 2 meses se han comenzado a descoser los hilos que unen la pieza de plástico con la bota, si arreglaran ese desperfecto y fortalecer el. Interior, sobre todo la zona del talón serían perfectas. Resumiendo, No las recomiendo por la poca durabilidad que tienen

Don’t waste your time or money

These boots are the worst I have ever purchased . I purchased a pair in May 2019 and had to purchase a new pair 2 weeks ago due to the other showing a lot of wear as well as cracking and tearing. I’m a 911 dispatcher at our local sheriffs office. I purchased 2 new pairs 2 weeks ago and after a week of wear they are already cracking and tearing. Have never been more disappointed in a boot purchase!!

These shoes are not durable

I bought the Under Armour UA Valsetz RTS boots last year and they did not hold up. They are not durable. The shoe laces are coming apart and there are holes on the inner part of the shoes. I use these shoes for work. I walk a lot but they should not look like this after a year. This is my 2nd pair of boots. I will not be buying another pair.

Terrible boots

I am so upset, I purchased these boots about 3 months ago, and they have fallen apart. They look so beat up, they look as if they are 2 years old. I owned the exact pair before these and they lasted a year, these are stiffer and tore easily. All I do it walk around in them. So unsatisfied! I would not buy. Find another boot.

Attention product development team

I purchased these boots for work.(Detention Officer) I have arthritis and needed something comfortable and this boot meets that perfectly. The first pair I bought lasted less than a month before the PU film on the sides started to crack and peel. I returned them for another and realized it was a problem with this style of boot. I have peeled most of it off and as the last bit starts to crack I will peel it off as well. With arthritis in my hands and feet it is difficult to lace every time I put them on/off. The male boots get a zipper. Sexist. I will have hand surgery in less than 2 weeks and am not sure what I will do going forward. But appreciate that they are light weight and very comfortable.


I have bought a pair every year since they first came out, and it seems as the years have passed so has the quality. Its unfortunate because i really like these boots for work, but they seem to not last as long at all.


I love the comfort of the boot. I personally like the previous model of this boot. But, the criminals and my co-workers can hear me, long before they see me. The boots are so squeaky. My 1st pair never made noise. I had to stop wearing them, because the squeakiness was driving me CRAZY. I feel like I just gave money away. Very disappointed.

Very comfortable but day 3 of wearing and sole is unglueing.

Third pair of these and I love how comfortable and light these boots are but... day 3 of 10 hr shift and the sole is already coming unglued. I work for Animal Control and comfort is a must but also quality is very important.This has happend to every pair I've bought. Way to expensive for them to be doing this already. I was hoping they had been improved by now but I guess they are still being made the same as before. Not happy. Also they need to be water proof. There are only a couple of pair of womans boots to pick from also.

Such a shame, they are so comfortable, but the outer material split within 6 wears

I loved these boots, I could easily work a 12+ hour shift in a greenfield site and have no issues at all. It's such a shame, they are so comfortable, but the outer material split within 6 wears. They split wear my arch bends and the damage was on both shoes in the same areas. Having worn them only 6 times, I couldn't justify this damage so returned them to Under Armour. A full refund was received, but it's disappointing the level of damage from just walking when these are supposed to be tactical boots.

Not what I’d hoped for

My boots fit a little big, no big deal. After only a few months they fell apart at the seams. They’re not non-slip, kind of a fall back. I’m a correctional officer and sometimes I sit for a whole shift, sometimes I’m on my feet. Mostly just walking, there’s no reason these boots should have lasted me a lot longer. Disappointed.