Herenbroek UA Showdown Chino Tapered

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Herenbroek UA Showdown Chino Tapered

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Product DNA

Voor als je het had gemist: we maken alweer een tijdje chino's. En we maken niet zomaar chino's—we maken betere chino's waarin onze Under Armour-technologie is geïntegreerd. Deze chino's uit de UA Showdown-collectie hebben onze bekende stretch—in de tailleband en in de stof zelf—voor meer bewegingsvrijheid en een strakke, atletische pasvorm.
  • PASVORM: toelopende pijpen
  • Zachte, slijtvaste stof die zweet afvoert en niet kreukt, waardoor jij lekker kunt bewegen
  • Stof rekt in vier richtingen voor meer bewegingsvrijheid in elke richting
  • Materiaal voert zweet af en droogt zeer snel
  • Tailleband van stretchstof voor optimale bewegingsvrijheid en geweldig comfort
  • Taille zonder bandplooi, 4 zakken
  • Diepe, superzachte gebreide zakken met binnenvakje voor je telefoon
  • Zakken aan de achterkant zijn dichtgenaaid zodat ze hun vorm behouden bij het transport. Scheur of knip het stiksel om het te verwijderen
  • Geïmporteerd

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Best Chino’s but Shrink

Best fit and material when you first receive but shrink and fade substantially even after 1st wash. I hope UA sort this issue out with no compromise to fit and feel and would love to hear from them directly regarding issue and changes...?

Comfortable pants

Really comfortable pants. Fit real nice especially the stretch waist. Will buy another color.

UA Chino Taper Fit

So this is a 6-month review for one of my most recent purchases. I have these pants in several colors, and have been buying them for years. The ones I bought over 5 years ago started to tear so I got the new versions. They are still extremely comfortable as prior years. They move well and are great for work, sitting or standing. My only complaint is that they grey pair I have seems to fade really easily, which has been an issue with my grey pairs in the past. It is taking the shape of things I have in my pockets like my phone and keys. I wear the grey pair more than any other color, so it is sad they look this bad after only 6 months. Could be why they don't seem to offer the grey in these anymore. Other than that, they are great. Takes maybe 1 or 2 washes to get them fully broken in. I will just have to wear the other colors more and hope they also don't fade.

Shrink too easily

I like these but after buying five pairs I will look elsewhere as they shrink in length after a couple of washes. Very disappointing.

Move over Lulu ABC Pant

These are absolutely fantastic pants, very versatile, can wear in the office , works with with a T-shirt and a semi business casual look. My new replacement for the very expensive Lululemon pants I’ve worn before, thanks under armor. I will get more !

Parfait pour un usage quotidien

Parfait, par contre je ne peux plus en commander car ma taille n'est plus référencée ! 32/30 ! Dommage car j'en aurai commander de nouveaux !

Spare buttons?

I bought several golf pants including shorts from underarmour. Apart from quality and design, there is one question. Why do underarmour keep spare buttons when buying pants? I am very curious.

Near perfect pant!

Fits extremely well, tapered just right. Very thin, breathable material that dries extremely fast!!! Definitely one of the best pair of pants I have ever had!

Pantalon bien coué et confortable mais faites attention...

Très gros inconvénient pour ce pantalon. Ce que vous mettez dans vos poches s'en échappe quand vous vous asseyez. J'ai ainsi perdu un couteau de poche très précieux que m'avaient offert mes enfants. Outre sa valeur commerciale élevée, sa valeur affective est elle même perdue. Après m’être assis sur un un banc. Les designers d'Under Armour doivent absolument se pencher sur ce problème. i faut revoir la coupe ds poches et notamment celle de la petite poche intérieur de la poche droite.

versatile trouser

Smart trouser, good movement so could be used for golf or just normal wear.