Herenhardloopschoenen UA Drift

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Herenhardloopschoenen UA Drift
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Product DNA

  • Zachte, ademende ClutchFit™ mesh biedt krachtige ondersteuning die de voet volgt
  • Synthetische vlakken bieden stabiliteit en houden de middenvoet stevig op zijn plaats
  • Voorgevormde neus voor betere bescherming en stevigheid
  • EVA-voetbed over de hele lengte voor verbeterd comfort en een pasvorm op maat
  • Dempende EVA-tussenzool, voor lichtgewicht en optimaal wendbaar gevoel
  • Strategisch geplaatst rubberen tractiestukken om zware schokken op te vangen en meer duurzaamheid te bieden zonder extra gewicht
  • Offset: 10 mm
  • Gewicht: 250 gram
  • Geïmporteerd


Dankzij deze slimme materialen werken onze outfits altijd in jouw voordeel.


De slimme zandloperstructuur volgt de contouren van je lichaam, in rust én in actie. Dit betekent dat het je niet alleen perfect past, maar al je bewegingen ondersteunt.

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Surprise Winner

I believe this shoe is underrated. Don't let the lower price fool you. The Drift packs some serious features. Ran 6 miles last night. The shoe felt lighter than I thought they would feel. Finished a HIIT workout this afternoon and can tell most of the features of this shoe helped in their individual way. Much like a team effort. It's weird to compare that to a shoe. But honestly, that's how it feels wearing it and observing the support the shoe gives to the different motions/cuts/lifts. Awesome shoe that I am glad I took a chance on. Some reasons why I love the Drift: - Fits true to size, no need to go half size up and fits my wider than normal foot. - The shoe lacing overlay keeps your foot from moving around. - Material inside shoe is cushioned and breathable - The ClutchFit of heel locks foot into place and is cushioned (cool feature i didn't expect). - The tongue/sock liner gives it a glove like fit - also easy to slip on. - The colors and graphics of shoe really pop out. Favorite style. For the price, I will be buying the darker gray/blue colorway. Great work UA!

First time wearing an Under Armor sneaker

I'm a big man...and when I'm on the treadmill, sometimes the shock of brisk walking and running will make my knees and calfs ache afterward...but thankfully I didn't feel any of that when I started wearing this sneaker!!! They're extremely comfortable, lightweight, (but sturdy), and they grip the surface well!!! I've been buying the other sneaker brand, (that I probably can't mention), for a very long time, and I've yet to find a pair of sneakers from them, that feel & fit as good as the Men's UA Drift Running Shoes. (I'm truly glad I made the switch) If you're looking for a comfortable feel & fit while working out, then I suggest you try these sneakers


These shoes I must say is something very different than anything I have seen from UA. Matter of fact, there's not really anything like it. Not just the fact that this is pretty much like a sock with the slip on, but it's like a specialized UA sock. The clutchfit which I am a big fan of this time is like their signature compression shirt that stretches to your feet but doesn't make you feel constrained. You can see the shape of your toes if you move them around. At first they felt a little strange because of how thin it felt but after walking around in them I am convinced these are by far the most comfortable shoe. Although they do run a little big due to the soft clutchfit material I think these are a pretty interesting approach for running shoes. Padding on soles of the shoes is impressive too. This may not be the typical shoe but they sure do set the tone for futuristic style. Personally I think the aesthetics of the shoe is one of their best. Got these in black. They may not look that different from the top view but when you see them on the side view its got this nice 3D pop. Thanks again for improving and advancing in the shoe game this year UA!!! Looking forward to seeing some cool technology improvements in your gear.