Herenhardloopschoenen UA HOVR™ Guardian

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Herenhardloopschoenen UA HOVR™ Guardian
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Maat- en pasvormgids
Vanwege beperkte voorraad slechts 1.000 per klant.
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Model lengte: Maat:
Herenhardloopschoenen UA HOVR™ Guardian

Product DNA

Je wilt onze eerste echte stabiliteitsschoen gewoon nooit meer uitdoen. De nauwsluitende pasvorm en de stabiele basis helpen je efficiënter te lopen. Dat is precies het duwtje in de rug dat je nodig hebt om de kilometers aaneen te rijgen.
  • STABILITEIT: voor hardlopers die op zoek zijn naar extra structuur en demping
  • KOPPELEN MET UA MAPMYRUN™: volgt en analyseert je hardloopstatistieken, zodat je een nog betere hardloper kunt worden
  • UA HOVR™-technologie zorgt voor duurzame energieteruggave die de impact bij elke stap vermindert, voor een gevoel alsof je zweeft
  • Energy Web met compressiemesh omvat en vormt het UA HOVR™-foam voor energieteruggave
  • Bovenwerk van speciale mesh is extreem licht en ademend en biedt strategische ondersteuning waar je die nodig hebt
  • Frame aan de binnenkant bevordert het goed afwikkelen van de voet en voorkomt overpronatie
  • Stevig hielstuk aan de buitenkant voor superieure ondersteuning die de achterkant van de voet op zijn plaats houdt
  • Gestanste EVA-inlegzool over de hele lengte vormt zich naar je voet, voorkomt slippen en biedt het ideale comfort onder de voet
  • EVA-tussenzool biedt uitstekende demping en responsiviteit
  • Buitenzool van stevig rubber om zware schokken op te vangen en meer duurzaamheid te bieden zonder extra gewicht
  • Strategisch geplaatste noppen van koolstofrubber onder de hak van de buitenzool zorgen voor meer grip en duurzaamheid op slijtgevoelige plekken
  • Reflecterende details voor meer zichtbaarheid bij hardlopen in het donker
  • Offset: 8 mm
  • Gewicht: 326 gram
  • Geïmporteerd
  • BELANGRIJK: Bevat onderdelen die niet bij het restafval mogen

    Het Energy Web met UA HOVR™-foam en mesh vermindert
    impact en geeft energie terug bij elke stap


    Diepe flex-groeven en een stabiele zool zorgen voor een
    zachte, soepele ervaring — kilometer na kilometer


    Kan gemakkelijk worden verbonden met de UA MapMyRun-app voor
    gepersonaliseerd advies op basis van jouw tempo, pasfrequentie,
    paslengte en afstand — met of zonder je telefoon

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Cause blisters

Wanted to love these shoes. They are comfortable to walk in and for everyday shoes but on the first run I took in these I developed a blister after mile 3. There is a sharp edge on the inside seam where the arch meets the toe box that puts excess pressure on the inside of your foot when running. Maybe it’s a defect with this particular pair of shoes but it’s the first time Under Armour shoes have given me a blister. There is also an issue of the tongue not staying centered. Regardless of how tight the laces or any tricks I try the tongue will always roll off to the side of my foot after a few miles of running or a few hours of daytime use. Will be returning.

First Bluetooth Footwear

My first pair of bluetooth enabled footwear. All the classic design of UA footwear - but with a new added benefit. The treadmill in my gym connects to my Apple watch - and the comparable UA shoe distance measurements are quite accurate. A good step forward - although integration into Apple workouts would be great in the longterm - for now have to use 'Mapmyrun' - which means running both apps in tandem. (Apple workouts show more detailed calorie burn)

Great shoes - poor digital connection

Just finished a half marathon race. Shoes were great for comfort- especially as I pronate and I have had no plantar fasciitis issues (something that has been an issue in the past). The disappointment is the digital connection. Yes it does connect to the Apple Watch ‘Map my Run’ app very easily at the beginning but it doesn’t hold the connection to the watch all the time. As a result the half marathon I finished read as 17km completed and not 22km. I don’t know who to point to here either: 1) UA on the shoes; 2) UA on Map my run; or 3) the Apple Watch but even on a 5km it can lose the connection so the whole experience of data gathering and analysis is disappointing.

Color was too female

The red was brighter then I thought it would be. The shoe is great the color makes it a little uncomfortable to wear. I will order other shoes .

My UA Guardian

I am really impressed with the new UA Hovr technology. The shoe is not too spongy but has a prefect balance between being soft and comfortable and at the same time helping you run faster. The Bluetooth is just a bonus really. I can connect my shoes to the app which is connected to my watch, easy as that. It’s a really great show for someone who is pronating but does not want such a huge adjustment in the shoe.

Felt good when I put them on, but disappointing results on first run

I have had issues over the years with my knees and achilles that have been solved for the most part in part by switching to stability shoes. I have been wearing the same model for about 4 years from a different manufacturer. I was intrigued by the "connected-ness" of the UA HOVR and decided to give the Guardian a try. When the shoes arrived, they looked great, and felt really comfortable when I first put them on. They paired up with my phone without any issues and started recording steps as I walked about the house getting ready for my first run in the new shoes. Everything was fine for the first mile and then I started to get tightness/discomfort in my right achilles. I was only able to make it 2 miles (I routinely go about 5 miles during the week) before the pain was at a point where I knew I'd be setting myself back a week or more if I kept going. So, unfortunately, I had to return the shoes. I really wanted to like these shoes. Maybe I have developed a style that is suited for the shoes I've been wearing for so long.

Great comfort and form well to your feet

I just started running and I couldn’t have picked a better shoe how the shoe contours to your ankle is amazing I’m very shocked at how well they contour also they are very comfortable

Parfait pour le running

Utilisateur des Guardians depuis environ 1mois 1/2, elles ont fait leur premier semi-marathon ce week-end. Confort et efficacité au rendez-vous ! Et que dire des métriques collectées et consolidées dans l’app, un vrai coach personnel qui nous indique quels sont les points à améliorer (longueur de double foulée, ...). Hâte de courir à nouveau pour voir si le premier ressenti est toujours le bon !


Fühlt sich leicht, aber komplett sicher an. Optimal


Very nice shoe, was impressed with the data the app (and shoe created). Comfortabel and light easy to put on and good support at the ankle (as needed). Only thing I can 't find is the lifetime of the battery can we switch it or does it charge by movement(perhaps)