Herenhardloopschoenen UA HOVR™ Machina

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Product DNA

Deze schoen biedt je niet alleen een snelle Pebax®-plaat voor stuwkracht en zachte UA HOVR™ die energie teruggeeft, hij is ook nog eens je hardloopcoach. Koppel je schoenen met UA MapMyRun™ en houd je paslengte, cadans en tempo bij en krijg realtime coaching. Zo wordt hardlopen eenvoudiger.
  • NEUTRAAL: voor hardlopers die op zoek zijn naar een combinatie van flexibiliteit en demping
  • UA HOVR™-technologie zorgt voor duurzame energieteruggave die de impact vermindert, voor een gevoel alsof je zweeft
  • Energy Web met compressiemesh omsluit het UA HOVR™-foam en vormt het, zodat het foam energie kan teruggeven
  • Bovenwerk van speciale mesh is extreem licht en ademend voor optimale snelheid
  • Hielstuk aan de buitenkant die de achterkant van de voet op zijn plaats houdt voor superieure stabiliteit
  • Pebax®-plaat die is geïnspireerd op een noppenstructuur voor meer energieteruggave en een krachtige start
  • Buitenzool van stevig rubber om zware schokken op te vangen en meer duurzaamheid te bieden zonder extra gewicht
  • Noppen van koolstofrubber onder de hak zorgen voor meer grip en duurzaamheid op slijtgevoelige plekken
  • Reflecterende details
  • Offset: 8 mm
  • Gewicht: 295 gram
  • Geïmporteerd
  • BELANGRIJK: Bevat onderdelen die niet bij het restafval mogen

    Verbind je schoenen met UA MapMyRun™ voor datatracking
    en Form Coaching tijdens het hardlopen—hierdoor heb je
    minder kans op blessures en wordt hardlopen makkelijker.


    Het responsieve, zachte UA HOVR™-foam + Energy Web
    geeft energie terug bij elke stap.


    Lichtgewicht ontwerp en een 2-delige Pebax®-afzetplaat zorgen
    voor een soepelere overgang en een snellere, veerkrachtigere afzet.

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Great shoes

This is second pair of Hover running shoes, I’ve owned. These fit a little bit wider and are more rounded at the toe than expected. But after running them I could feel the benefit of the ticked heal and propulsion plate. May looks as sleek as my other under armor shoes, but the wider fit feels very comfortable. Not sure if this varies on size.

La suela se desgasta inmediatamente

Las he llevado 180 Kilómetros y no queda nada de la blown rubber, ha desaparecido gran parte de la suela. O ese material es defectuoso (Este mismo problema parece ser recurrente) o esta zapatilla no vale para correr y únicamente sirven para ir a comprar el pan. Me gusta su funcionamiento, pero con esta durabilidad no son un producto correcto. Demasiado precio para usarlas dos meses.

Great comfort where it matters!

This shoe was the perfect combo of softness and great support through my entire very first run (8 miles and I’m 70!)

Awesome shoe

The shoe is very comfortable, the color is stylish and it has a chip that you can use with the app MapMyRun. I love it.

Less than 2 weeks and already the sole hurting my

With less than 2 weeks of moderate use and the right foot sole is hurting my foot really bad that I can not wear it anymore the left foot is fine only one foot for such expensive shoes you would expect it to last longer the right foot is defective or something my first time buying UA and will be my last.

Confortable et très agréable à porter

Chaussure très agréable à porter, aucune gêne en course, avec un excellent amorti et de surcroît une esthétique appréciable

Great shoe but wears out quickly.

These shoes are really nice. Very comfortable on both short and long runs. Only complaint is that the soles are wearing out quickly. At around 75 miles there was noticeable wear. The photos attached are at 150 miles and the sole is worn down to the plate. I have seen another review where the wear pattern is very similar so it appears as though this is a common issue. This shoe has only been worn on roads and tracks. It was an expensive shoe and I enjoy all the features but I do not think that I would re-purchase based on the wear amount and only halfway through the usual life of a running shoe.

Light and soft, yet springy and sturdy

The Hovr Machinas were gifted to me by UA. They have been a game-changed for my long runs, threshold and speed work. Paired with MapMyRun, the bluetooth technology provides detailed data and real-time feedback so I can make changes right in the middle of a run. They are super comfy and lightweight, while still sturdy to minimize ground-reaction forces, like I'm being propelled forward with every step. Highly recommend!

Machina running shoes

Was really looking forward to getting these shoes,and to start of I was very impressed,they where very comfortable and really liked the built in blue tooth. But after around 125 miles I noticed that the soles had completely worn through,the right shoe became noisy and the Bluetooth became inaccurate,for the price of these I expected them to last a lot longer,was a shame because I really was impressed to start of with,will not be buying these again. Have noticed that a few other reviews have reported similar problems.

Really wanted to like these

I took a risk getting these after having the UA Phantom Hovr RN OPS which I adored - But as they weren't in stock anymore I was between these and the Sonic 3's. Bought these and noticed they were a bit tighter than the Phantom's but half a size bigger would have been too big. Took them out for a run, quite liked the propulsion plate, but noticed the additional weight immediately. They feel Bulky and heavy. Though I haven't had any significant injuries I keep getting blisters in the same spot from the elastic inside rubbing on the ball of my foot. Got the Phantom's back out and noticed the difference straight away. They almost feel more like a stability shoe which are often heavier due to the additional support. The Machina's are really aesthetically pleasing and I so wanted to like the shoes but I wont be getting another pair and will be returning to the Phantoms ASAP. A big fan of UA overall just don't think these shoes were right for me - I have high arches and a neutral gait.