Herenhardloopschoenen UA HOVR™ Sonic 2

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Product DNA

Bijna net zo licht als een temposchoen, maar met meer demping en een superzachte afwikkeling: het is geen verrassing dat de UA HOVR™ Sonic meteen geliefd was bij hardlopers die graag lange afstanden lopen maar ook flexibiliteit willen. Zodra je voet de grond raakt, weet je waarom we zeggen dat Under Armour HOVR™-demping je het gevoel geeft dat je zweeft — je voelt bijna niet dat je de grond raakt.
  • NEUTRAAL: voor hardlopers die op zoek zijn naar flexibiliteit, demping en veelzijdigheid
  • DIGITALLY CONNECTED: de Record Sensor™-technologie van Under Armour volgt, analyseert en bewaart vrijwel alle hardloopstatistieken, zodat je precies weet wat je moet doen om nog beter te worden
  • Under Armour HOVR™-technologie biedt een ongekend licht gevoel en zorgt voor energieteruggave die de impact bij elke stap verlicht
  • Energy Web met compressiemesh omsluit het Under Armour HOVR™-foam en vormt het, zodat het foam energie kan teruggeven
  • Het Microthread-bovenwerk met een kleurrijk, golfachtig patroon droogt snel en biedt een ademende, compressieachtige pasvorm die je voet gericht ondersteunt en ongeëvenaard comfort biedt, zodat jij kilometers kunt maken
  • Ventilerend vlak bij de middenvoet voor nog meer ademend vermogen
  • Unieke tongconstructie die door middel van ondersteunende, elastische vleugels in verbinding staat met het voetbed, zodat je voet perfect wordt omsloten
  • TPU-hielstuk aan de buitenkant voor extra stevigheid en ondersteuning
  • Uitneembare, antimicrobiële Ortholite®-inlegzool past zich aan de vorm van je voet aan voor comfort op maat en ultieme demping
  • Het geïnjecteerde rubber onder de voorvoet is licht en ongelooflijk responsief
  • Ruw rubber onder de hak om schokken op te vangen
  • Offset: 8 mm
  • Gewicht:
  • Geïmporteerd

    Het Energy Web met UA HOVR™-foam en mesh vermindert
    impact en geeft energie terug bij elke stap


    Diepe flex-groeven en een stabiele zool zorgen voor een
    zachte, soepele ervaring — kilometer na kilometer


    Kan gemakkelijk worden verbonden met de UA MapMyRun-app voor
    gepersonaliseerd advies op basis van jouw tempo, pasfrequentie,
    paslengte en afstand — met of zonder je telefoon

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Like walking on clouds

Not that anyone really knows what walking in clouds feels like but even after a long day with my feet hurting when I slip these on they feel amazing. I had to buy a second pair and eyeing my third.

Not what I expected

I have two pair of the HOVR Sonic 1 shoes and they are my favorite shoes ever. I bought the Sonic 2 expecting the same and I couldn’t be more disappointed. The heel is angled in and up and just digs into you. This shoe is poorly designed and nowhere near as comfortable as the previous version.

Great fit, very comfortable

Can’t beat this style shoe. Great fit, very comfortable, and a good price. Highly recommended.

Runs smaller than my sonic 1

Shoe runs smaller than previous sonic I have purchased

It look nice but I don’t see any special about it

I own two pair of under armour shoes. Both seem to cut circulation off to my feet. On my last run I had to run on the gravel in order to stop the tingling in my feet. As soon as I ran on the pavement again the tingling returned. I do not feel any extra cushion only that they are light weight. My other brand runners does not do this.

Attenzione: sia io che la mia ragazza abbiamo sperimentato una vestibilità PICCOLA per la serie Sonic. Tocca in punta con il nostro numero normale.

Ottima scarpa, comoda e leggera. Qualità UA che non tradisce. L'estetica è perfetta anche per uso quotidiano con jeans ed in ambito di lavoro non eccessivamente formale. Unica pecca: sia io che la mia ragazza con la sua versione NC abbiamo sperimentato una vestibilità PICCOLA. Io 43 ho dovuto prendere mezzo numero in più e già è al pelo. Lei 40 deve andare sul 41. Male all'alluce dopo nemmeno di 30' di camminata. Strano, UA non ci ha mai dato questi problemi.

Instant Gratification

This is my 4th pair of UA athletic shoes. It just keeps getting better and better! I have the previous model of this particular pair of shoes, which I thought were unbeatable, and now that I have just received these, they have now taken over the #1 spot. Instant comfortable fit. Great cushioning both inside and in the sole. Flexibility plus support equals a great fit and they look great! I got the pure white and am not disappointed. As usual, UA has outdone themselves!

Step Count broke at 71km

I purchased these shoes specifically for the step count functionality. I am not yet a runner but the tech appealed to me for my walking program. I was having a fun time with my shoes with the daily step count and distance calculator. I was making daily posts about my progress on my WW Connect Account and would tell anyone who would listen about how great my new shoes were, comfortable and how cool the tech was. Then on day 33 into my shoes life I went to check my step count from the day and instead of having near 10,000 steps when my shoes synced to my phone my steps went to zero. Today I tested it again and I did a 2km walk and it did not register my steps. What sucks that it being day 33 it was three days after the 30 day return policy I had with sport check. My shoes are still comfortable and I will still wear them as my daily shoe but my overall experience and joy with my purchase has taken a big hit and next time I will probably get a different brand of shoe and just buy a fitbit for my tracking purposes.

Runs small

I purchased these shoes in hopes of replacing some Brooks Ghost 10 for just goofing around in, but after wearing them for a very short amount of time I knew that it wasn't going to work. The left shoe was uncomfortably snug. I have a pair of HOVR Infinite and really enjoy running in these and had high hopes that I finally could retire the Brooks. Maybe I will get a different style and try again.

Way too Narrow

I can’t even get my foot 1/2 way in the shoe! I would think you’d have wide and extra wide as a choice but you don’t!