Herenjoggingbroek UA Baseline Fleece

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Herenjoggingbroek UA Baseline Fleece
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Model lengte: Maat: Pasvorm: Losvallend
Herenjoggingbroek UA Baseline Fleece

Product DNA

This collection was built for people who live and breathe basketball. You've got ultra-comfortable warm-ups along with Ts, tanks, and shorts that perform better than anything else on the court.
  • Losvallend: Ruimere pasvorm voor ultiem comfort
  • Middengewicht, duurzame fleece van katoenmix (230 g)
  • Zachte, geruwde binnenkant houdt warmte vast
  • Geribbelde tailleband met trekkoord aan de buitenkant
  • Open steekzakken
  • Toelopende pijpen met langere geribbelde boorden
  • Verkort logo
  • Binnenbeenlengte: 76 cm
  • Geïmporteerd

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Lekker licht

Voelt heel licht, past perfect, hoge boarden op been zijn heel trendy, hewoon heerilijke broek.

Hyper confortable et super coupe

Hyper confortable et super coupe. Livraison rapide

prima produkt

tolle hose, bin begeistert. ultrabequem und hautschmeichelnd.

Comfortable...but weird let down

These are very comfortable until you get to the bottom cuff round the ankle - well calf. The cuff is enormous and weird. Let's the bottoms down. Otherwise would be extremely comfortable. Would return but ripped tags off before wearing. I'll be keeping these for decorating and DIY.

gut für Sport und Couch

Die Hose füllt sich sehr gut an und passt sich der Körperbewegung an. Sie trocknet schnell. Der Schnitt und Tragekomfort sind sehr gut. Ich habe die Hose in rot und sie ist auch stylisch.

Pockets issue

I don’t like the pockets. Everything keep falling from it. I lost cash, I dropped my phone, and airpods. Anything i put in it, keep falling A little bigger than I thought. Usually medium size fits me but not this. Very warm and comfortable though

Great Fleece for athletes who enjoy tighter legs

This fleece is great for people who like tightness around their ankle and quads. The legs gets slimmer down the quad and ankle and sticks to your leg. This provides great comfort and movement range. The fleece material is pretty good. Despite being thin, the inside is composed of softer and warmer similar to champion reverse weave, so it gives warmth during winter too. I really like the khaki color because it matches with different colors and blends in very well. The front and backside is divided in texture and hue so that is pretty too. The pocket is hemmed with more synthetic material. Among most sports brand, I think UnderArmour does a good job in giving slim and smooth silhouette. For those who care about the tight fit and the look, I think this fleece is great for workout and daily go-around.