Herenmock UA Storm SweaterFleece Snap

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Herenmock UA Storm SweaterFleece Snap
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Model lengte: Maat: Pasvorm: Losvallend
Herenmock UA Storm SweaterFleece Snap

Product DNA

De reden dat we deze trui gemaakt hebben is simpel: golfers willen ook in het najaar blijven golfen, maar dan niet in een dikke en zware jas. Deze trui draag je niet alleen op de golfbaan. Hij voelt als een lichtgewicht sweater met de eigenschappen van een regenjas, en hij is geschikt voor bijna elke gelegenheid.
  • Losvallend: Ruimere pasvorm voor ultiem comfort
  • UA Storm-technologie is waterafstotend zonder afbreuk te doen aan het ademend vermogen
  • Lichtgewicht fleece met een zachte, warme, geruwde voering en een doorgestikte, buitenkant met diamantvormen
  • Geweven vlak op de kraag en halsopening voor extra duurzaamheid
  • Halsopening met vier drukknopen
  • Geribbelde boorden en zoom
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It’s super nice. The quality is amazing. It isn’t loose, it is very attached to your skin.

Nice color but

Looks great but the material picks to easily and it seems every time I wear it something snags a thread and then there is s other loop of thread that is pulled out of the sweater. If I can recognize the material before hand I sill never order anything with this material again.


I have many Under Armour items that are all size XXL. When I received this shirt I could barely get it over my head. When I finally did the sleeves came up to the middle of my Forearms and it was so tight that it went down halfway down my torso. I do not understand why the sizes have changed so much Lately. I have bought and returned 4 items over the last month because they were way too small.

I should have read more reviews

I received the Storm SweaterFleece Snap Mock today and as soon as I removed it from the plastic bag I noticed SEVERAL SNAGS. Before even trying it on I knew I had to return it. The fit is a little snug for my taste and is at least a 1/2 to 1 full size smaller than most sweatshirts. I got two of them today and I'm inclined to return both of them if this product is so severely (and inherently) defective. Having said all that, I REALLY love the way it looks and feels when wearing it. Aside from the snugness, it feels like I'm wearing a great garment! The navy color is fantastic!

buy at least one size up since it's from the STORM LINE

I am 6' 1" 260 lbs and wear a XL Loose in most other UA product lines. In the STORM line regardless of PRoduct I have to go up a whole another size just to get it to fit!

snags very easy

Stylish look and design. Arms are very tight and sewed seams feel a bit funny. VERY disappointed at how easy the material snags and runs!! I had four snags I cut off the first time I wore it, just shopping around town for the day. Loved the look of the material at first but would never buy a second one. Under Armour has high quality products, but I wouldn’t recommend this piece. I’m glad I got a good sale on it.

Maybe I'm just fat

I was really excited about this sweatshirt. It felt high quality, looked nice, but dang it fit like more like a base layer than a sweatshirt.

Snag material makes it not wearable...

Wore it for the first time, loved the look... Looked in the mirror when I got home and noticed a big snag. Wore it for a second time, noticed two more snags. Material is not made for everyday wear. Unfortunate because the sweater looks great.


Really liked this sweater when I purchased it. I have only worn it a few times and it snags on everything. I brushed against a wall and thee is a snag line that runs from the shoulder to the neck along with another dozen smaller snags. DO NOT BUY!

Very comfortable but poor quality

Snags and runs way to easily. Have 2 of them and both are torn to shreds after 4-5 wears.