Herenshirt Charged Cotton® met korte mouwen

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Model lengte: Maat: Pasvorm: Losvallend
Herenshirt Charged Cotton® met korte mouwen

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Product DNA

Moeder Natuur maakte katoen, en wij maakten het beter. Charged Cotton® voelt net als natuurlijk katoen, maar het droogt veel sneller en rekt veel meer mee.
  • Losvallend: Ruimere pasvorm voor ultiem comfort
  • Charged Cotton® biedt het comfort van katoen, maar droogt veel sneller
  • Vlakken van mesh aan de zijkant voor extra ademend vermogen en stretch
  • Rondlopende zoom voor betere bedekking
  • Geribbelde kraag
  • Raglanmouwen
  • Body: 100% katoen
  • Zijstukken: 87% katoen/7% polyester/6% elastaan
  • Geïmporteerd

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Bring back original Charged Cotton Material

New poly blend charged cottons are misleading. I bought a whole bunch thinking it was the same but the new material is significantly tighter, less breathable, and not as comfortable. Bring back the original Charge Cotton blend already.

Terrible...bring back the ORIGINAL!!!

I'll echo what almost everyone said here. The original charged cotton T was, by far, the best T-shirt out there. These new ones are terrible! Too long, too thin, too cheap! Bring back the original and I'll buy 100 of them myself!

love the feel of this shirt

This shirt just has a great feel to it, fits great and looks even better. Wish it came in more colors


Man I use to buy 100.00 in UA shirts per month Then they changed the material. PLEASE bring back the old style! Why did you change to start with????? I dont get it, everyone is saying the same. Please listen to your past customers. I wont buy until it comes back.

Not impressed...

Baggy and TOO long for a workout. Won’t buy more. Liked the old Charged Cotton Tees MUCH better.

Bring back the 'old' charged cotton t-shirts

Like many other reviews. The previous version of the charged cotton t-shirt was excellent. The new, lighter version doesn't match up. I've had issues with size variations and the thinner material provides a completely different feel. These shirts are now no different than other brand cotton/polyester blended t-shirts.

This is not UA’s old charged cotton

I’m so disappointed that I cannot find the charged cotton T-shirts I have loved and worn for years. Your products quality is going down. I’m am just going to find an alternative t-shirt with another manufacturer. Don’t buy this product. It’s not the charged cotton UA used to make.

New but not bad

I can understand the negative reviews as it isn't like most UA t shirts which I very sheen and sleek and therefore slightly silkier to the touch, and it isn't as slim as most are. But I would not say it is bad, I like slightly baggier recently since I'm short but with decent shoulders so M still fits nice, You can definitely still workout and feel comfy in this (although would avoid warmer weather), plus looks good casually as well I think P.S - I use this for weight lifting and Crossfit

Mixed thoughts

Like many here, I've been through the iterations of T's over the years. Nothing has yet compared to the original charged cotton soft T; best fitting, most durable, and retained shape. The version immediately following the above was good, but was more cotton based (less stretch) and wore out quickly. Last years version are so thin and inconsistent; from new they vary in length by 1-2"s. This new short sleeve is interesting. Feels busy/complicated with all the seams, the logo in the middle feels off, a little scratchy but better after washing, and the U shape bottom reminds me of a woman's dress. That said, it fits better (more like the first version) and finally has some stretch element back to it. More colors please! But it might be the

Horrible. Pls bring back the original 95% Cotton 5% Elastane!

I got one these, and it's boxy, stiff, and yes - scratchy to wear. My competition fencing jackets have raglan sleeves, but I hate them on this T-shirt and the seems were uncomfortable across the chest. I just hated it, and I gave it to Goodwill. Like the other reviewers, I was really hoping for a return of something as good as the original, but like the other reviewers, I have hated every evolution since they messed with the perfection of the original's 95% cotton, 5% Elastane. UA, the original shirt was a perfect loose-fit, soft, flexible, comfortable, and didn't turn into a two-sizes smaller version when you washed/dried it. Please, re-issue the original, don't mess with it, and don't discontinue it, because it was the most perfect workout T of all time.