Herenshirt UA MK-1 Emboss met korte mouwen

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Model lengte: Maat: Pasvorm: Nauwsluitend
Herenshirt UA MK-1 Emboss met korte mouwen
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Model lengte: Maat: Pasvorm: Nauwsluitend
Herenshirt UA MK-1 Emboss met korte mouwen

Product DNA

  • Nauwsluitend: Dicht op de huid, maar niet te strak
  • Ultrazachte, gladde HeatGear®-stof die bijna niets weegt voor uitzonderlijk veel draagcomfort
  • Mesh vlakken voor strategische ventilatie
  • Materiaal voert zweet af en droogt zeer snel
  • Verlaagde, rondlopende zoom voor extra bedekking
  • Raglanmouwen
  • Geïmporteerd

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Min. Max.

Far from the color RED

The shirt I ordered was labeled 'RED' on the website but trust me it is a neon pink. This was bought on a budget as a shirt for work so it's incredibly disappointing to find out I wasted my money on a shirt that will not match the criteria of the dress code. It's too late to return it bc I already got a write up at work for it after I decided to at least wear what I had.

Great...but a bit too long

great fit! I like it a lot .. the only thing I must add is that the bottom of the t-shirt is too long. It seems like it's fitted for a tall person but I'm only 5'9 "and I wear M size. but like I said earlier, good fit and good design too.


This shirt is really comfortable and soft. Highly recommended.

Highly recommend

Great fit, very comfortable. The usual high quality Under Armour product you will expect.

Bisher beste shirt.

Das Shirt sitzt perfekt. Aus meiner Sicht fällt es genau richtig aus. Das Material ist ein Traum. Es fällt wie eine 2. Haut auf den Körper und der Look von diesem shirt ist richtig gut. Weiter solche shirt liebes UA Team.