Herenshirt UA Sportstyle Left Chest met korte mouwen

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Model lengte: Maat: Pasvorm: Losvallend
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Model lengte: Maat: Pasvorm: Losvallend
Herenshirt UA Sportstyle Left Chest met korte mouwen

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Product DNA

  • Losvallend: Ruimere pasvorm voor ultiem comfort
  • Superzachte stof van katoenmix biedt de hele dag lang comfort
  • 60% katoen/40% polyester

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Bring back the old shirt designs

Loved these shirts. Wore them all the time, but they changed the design. The new shirts are thin, flimsy, and they shrink. Will not be buying these again unless they bring the old design back.

UA finally killed the perfect shirt.

This shirt was absolutely perfect back when it debuted as 95% cotton, 5% elastane "charged cotton". Felt great, impossible to wrinkle, durable, and was the same perfect fit EVERY TIME. I bought more than 20 of them and they became the only t-shirt in my wardrobe. Then I guess the UA board demanded more profit and they changed the formulation to 57% cotton/38% polyester/5% elastane. This is what I got when I went to replace my old worn out charged cotton shirts a few years ago. They were a noticeable step down from the original, but still wearable. The biggest changes being in the material feel, and that they would wrinkle if not pulled from the dryer as soon as the cycle ended. Still worth paying a premium over other brand shirts. A few years later and I'm trying to replace the second generation shirts and this garbage shows up. Guess the board called for more profit. Material is paper thin, and the cut is laughable. The fact that they sell this under the same style name is nothing more than a money grab. The 12 shirts I bought were returned and I'll no longer be a UA customer unless I see they've reverted back to the old style. If the old charged cotton t-shirts are too expensive to produce at the established price point, increase the price. People will pay for a quality product.

They changed the quality.

Like what all the other comments are saying, when UA first came out with the original cotton t shirts, they were literally the best fitting t shirt i have ever worn and i had like 8 of them. Its honestly all i wear when it comes to t shirts. But for some reason, they completely changed the quality and how it fits and now its too thin, fits awkwardly, and the neck hole looks like it was sized with a watermelon. I dont understand how this could at all carry the same name as the old ones. please bring it back.

Not the old charged cotton

I almost exclusively wear the older style of this. Charged cotton. I don’t plan on purchasing anymore UA shirts until they bring them back.

Bring back the charged cotton

The Charged Cotton was by far the best shirt for everyday where and was one of my favorite. Now this is recommended as the replacement for it, but it is no where close to the quality and comfort of that shirt


I have around 15 of the older style charged cotton shirts because of how much I loved the feel and fit. I recently purchased a couple more and can't believe how much worse they are. After looking at the other reviews it looks like I'm not alone. Looks like I will have to find shirts somewhere else.


Very disapointed. I just ordered a whole new batch and the shirts are way TOO Small. Not well designed at all. The whole batch is being returned.

Pretty nice

Ist ein gutes Shirt von under armour nichts besonderes aber genau deswegen mag ich es sehr gerne.

Not comfortable and bad material for performance

I bought this t shirts before it was great and comfortable when I was in training. I hope I can buy more as before. The old shirt is cotton material. I remember that technology is Charged Cotton. But at now this t shirts is not, new style t shirts is smooth and not strength as before. This made me disappointed. I hope under armour company will use the Charged Cotton technology to design a new one as before. Thanks.

I hate this new fabric

Please bring back the Charged Cotton sports style t shirts. These new shirts are garbage.