Hoofdtelefoon UA Sport Wireless Train — Project Rock Edition

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UA Sport Wireless Train Headphones — Project Rock

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Product DNA

“Project Rock is geen merk, het is een beweging. Het is een levensovertuiging. Het kan me helemaal niets schelen welke huidskleur je hebt, hoe oud je bent, waar je vandaan komt of wat voor werk je doet. Het enige dat belangrijk voor me is, is dat we er samen in geloven dat we obstakels kunnen overwinnen en kunnen presteren, wat dan ook. Maar het begint allemaal met het werk dat we zelf bereid zijn om te verzetten."—Dwayne Johnson
  • De hoofdband en oorkussens zijn gevoerd met stroef materiaal voor een zacht gevoel en maximale stabiliteit
  • JBL® Charged Sound voor groots geluid dat is gericht op sport dankzij een rijke bas waarmee je door je work-out vliegt
  • De eenvoudige Bluetooth®-technologie zorgt dat je geen snoeren nodig hebt en niet wordt afgeleid
  • Dankzij de accuduur van 16 uur kun je de hoofdtelefoon gebruiken tijdens al je work-outs gedurende de week, en na een Speed Charge van 5 minuten kun je een uur muziek afspelen
  • Talk-Thru-technologie verlaagt het muziekvolume en schakelt voor spraak geoptimaliseerde, noise-cancelling microfoons in, zodat je tussen sets door eenvoudig kunt praten zonder je hoofdtelefoon af te hoeven zetten Je kunt je microfoon ook op stil zetten tijdens gesprekken en Siri® of Google Now™ inschakelen
  • Inclusief: hoofdtelefoon, hoes, oplaadsnoer, audiokabel, snelstartgids, veiligheidsinstructies en garantiebewijs voor 1 jaar garantie
  • Stevig on-ear design met een IPX4-beoordeling, gemaakt voor alle omstandigheden in de sportschool
  • UA SuperVent oorkussens zijn zeer ademend en gemaakt van een lichte, slijtvaste, sneldrogende stof die kan worden verwijderd en met de hand kan worden gewassen
  • Oversized knoppen met premium afwerking zijn slijtvast en gemakkelijk te bedienen
  • Dankzij stevige metalen scharnieren kunnen de oordoppen in de hoofdband worden gevouwen voor eenvoudig meenemen
  • Voorgevormde, harde hoes voor bescherming onderweg
  • OPMERKING: dit product kan alleen worden geretourneerd als het defect blijkt te zijn.
  • Imported
  • BELANGRIJK: Bevat onderdelen die niet bij het restafval mogen

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Headphones are great... except for headband!

Headphones are great for tough workouts and staying on & loud! Love the side button to lower music to talk! However, the headband gets sweaty and rips off from the top causing issues and there’s no way to fix it! We need a way to replace this, too expensive not to!

Ride Ear Fail

I Loved these headphones until the right side completely stopped working. I've had them less than a year and took great care of them. Pretty sick about it after spending that much money!

Good Product With A Few Hiccups

I got these for Christmas 2019. Case is sturdy & breathable allowing them to ‘breathe’ & dry after medium type of workout. The small carabiner clip broke after about 6 months. Not a deal breaker.. The sound is amazing, keeps me motivated, & stays in place for weights & treadmills w/ minimal slippage when changing positions. 3-5 workouts per week @ one hour each & I don’t have to charge them but maybe every 3 months! Amazing battery stamina. The USB charging port cover is very tight & takes a small pin to get it loose. No moisture is getting in there. The issue w/ the headband soft cover becoming loose is a slight issue as well & has already been addressed by other reviewers. I baby mine to no end. The right side ‘bull’ mute button is a really cool feature when someone wants to say hi. It turns down the music really low & amplifies the sound around you to have a conversation w/out having to remove them. Volume is adequate but I would like them to go a smidge higher but I’m old & have hearing issues from the military 30+ years ago. Range of the Bluetooth allows me to be anywhere in the gym w/out loss of connection BUT my gym is not a gargantuan place. These are NOT noise-cancelling headphones. On outside runs along the road catches all the surrounding noise including wind & is not recommended for outside usage in windy states. Even w/ the small hiccups, these are the best gym-rat headphones you could own.

The Good vs the Bad

Honestly never have had time to write any review before, but made time for this. Rock (Pun intended) solid headphones. I am a very active between lifting and running. The good news is these headphones work fantastic for lifting, the bad is if you run before lifting, they end up sliding off of your head unless your wearing a hat and the button on top of your hat can hold the headphones in place. These headphones can hold a charge like no ones business. I really wish they would give more ear cups or at least sell the replacements in case the ones provided end up wearing out. Is it worth the price? In my opinion yes if you are a die hard fan of either the Rock or the design and you want headphones that can hold a charge and are built well.

Mixed feelings

The structure of the case and headphones are perfect. I’ve had issues with other headphones when it comes to sweat but these can take a beating and the sound quality is high up there. However the mic for phone calls is very poor, on my end i can hear everything but I’m not being heard on their end. Another issue is i cant just pair the left bud you HAVE to pair the right one in order to connect which is a real let down especially because of the price. I would recommend these headphones if the sole purpose was for physical activity but not if its for primary use through out the day.

Nice head phones but not sure about the water resistant

I really like these headphones but I sweat a ton so I’m not sure about the sweat resistants on the headphone says my right side has but starting to cut in and out after about two or three months just wondering how sweat resistant it is.

No regrets!!!!

I love these headphones!!!!!! They are comfortable, they don’t slip off and best of all, I never have to take them off when someone tries to talk to me!!!!


I had ear surgery 3 times on my left ear as a child due to infection. It caused partial deafness and the hole in my left ear was smaller as a result of the surgery. So airpods are not an option for me. But it doesn't matter cause these headphones are awesome. Even if I didn't have the problems with my ear, I would still buy these. They fit great and motivate me even more when I exercise. The price is a little high but think of them as an investment for your training. Highly recommend.

Great headphones, but difficult to clean

These were great headphones that I wore for maybe 90 minutes about 4 times a week at the gym only. The sound is clear and the headphones fit well, although if you are rowing, they kind of move around. After about 2 hours, they do press on the ears so they feel uncomfortable. The fabric of the headphones do absorb all your sweat and face oils and so begins to smell. I reached out to the chat agent for their cleaning recommendations and they recommended cleaning with soap and water for the ear pads, but the top they recommended alcohol wipes. I was dubious since I thought the fabric may get damaged. However, I followed their instructions diligently and cleaned and dried them after each use. But after owning them just 8 months, the headband portion came apart when cleaning today. Also, the smell never really left the headband portion no matter how much I cleaned with alcohol wipes.

Falling apart

They sound great and really have no issues, other than they are starting to fall apart after less than a year. I only use them in the gym so it’s not like they are getting used for 5 hours a day and I always put them back in their case after every use.