Oordopjes UA True Wireless Flash — Project Rock Edition

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UA True Wireless Flash Project Rock Edition Headphones

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Product DNA

  • Dankzij de Bluetooth-technologie kun je eenvoudig verbinding maken, draadloos en zonder te worden afgeleid
  • JBL® Charged Sound voor stevig geluid dat op The Rock is afgestemd, met een krachtige bas zodat je alles uit je work-out kunt halen
  • Bionic Hearing, een unieke geluid- en microfoontechnologie van JBL, helpt sporters om bewust te blijven van hun omgeving dankzij Talk-Thru en Ambient Aware
  • Talk-Thru-technologie zet de muziek zachter en schakelt ruisonderdrukkende microfoons die zijn geoptimaliseerd voor spraak in, zodat je tussen de sets door gemakkelijk kunt praten zonder je oordopjes uit te hoeven doen
  • Met Ambient Aware-technologie kun je tijdens je hele training naar muziek blijven luisteren, en toch weten wat er om je heen gebeurt
  • De waterdichte UA Stormproof-technologie met een IPX7-classificatie biedt ultieme bescherming tegen water en zweet voor de zwaarste trainingen
  • Oordopjes met vleugels die extra goed blijven zitten en heel comfortabel aanvoelen
  • Bedien muziek, gesprekken en meer met de centrale knoppen op het linker- en rechteroordopje
  • Maximaal 5 uur batterijlevensduur, plus 20 uur met de stevige, aluminium oplaadetui
  • Draadloze Bluetooth®
  • Meegeleverd: oordopjes in 3 maten, 3 oordopjes met vleugels, oplaadetui met micro-USB-poort, oplaadkabel en Brahma Bull-sticker
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Se ajustan perfectamente a los oídos y son comodísmios. Aíslan perfectamente y cuando entrenas no se oye nada a tu alrededor, pero si te hablan, con solo apretar un botón anulas la cancelación de ruido. Que sean impermeables es una maravilla porque no te preocupas que se puedan estropear con el sudor, o incluso los puedes meter en la ducha contigo después de un duro entrenamiento. El micrófono no lo he probado, sólo los uso para entrenar y la calidad del sonido es bastante buena como todos los auriculares de la marca. Los volvería a comprar

Doesn't fit nice

I shuvved it up my bum and it's to small to get pleasure like my boyfriend it's too small


I was massively looking forward to using these and what a huge disappointment. The fit isn’t great at all tried all the attachments and nothing seemed to fit comfortably. Once I managed to wedge them in went on a run and they were ok. Put them in the case to charge left for a few hours before putting in to the case. Went to use for a second time to find only the right earphone working(kind of) left one repeatedly turned itself on then off, the ambient button didn’t work and the volume was dull at best. I now have to come to terms with it’s probably £160 down the drain. Am a huge fan of the rock and was eager to try out what he had put his name to, but was left with nothing but crippling disappointment

Best set of Headphones I’ve ever owned

I’ve been using these daily since I got them I’ve had no faults what so ever they fit well, they work amazingly I can’t knock them out of my ear no matter what exercises. They’re amazing no other way of putting it. Would highly recommend.

Great fit and sound!

Great fit! Don’t fall out when sweating at the gym or out for a run! Sound quality is good! Shame you can’t adjust volume on the earbuds itself, but love the technology or being able to filter out outside noise, and not having to take out the earbuds, if someone talks to you!!!

Einfach nur enttäuscht

Verbindung oft schwierig, manchmal verbindet sich nur die rechte Seite, und man braucht 10min um endlich auf beiden Seiten Musik hören zu können. Kundenservice dazu auch noch katastrophal. Die Batterieanzeige des Ladecases Leuchtet nie Für diesen Preis eine Frechheit so etwas zu verkaufen.


amazing amazing amazing amazing amazing amazing Amazing amazing amazing amazing amazing amazing amazing amazing amazing

Watch mobile video? DO NOT BUY!

Tried the buds once, they seem to fit well and connected easily. Unfortunately, there is a huge lag when watching mobile video which you wouldn't expect from any professional ear buds, let alone with this price tag. Under Armour are refusing to refund, what a waste of money, great customer service eh.

Hoofdtelefoon UA True Wireless Flash — Project Rock Edition

Geweldige performance, ideale pasform. Wat je had willen weten voordat je het product kocht: Dat je 10% korting krijgt na aanmaak van een klant account. Naderhand lukt dat niet meer.

Good but definitely not OSFA

So I'm a massive fan of The Rock (Like everyone else who desperately awaits the latest Project Rock merch) and I missed out on these the first time they were on sale as it was US only. So I was pleasantly surprised when they were available in the first drop of 2020. I've bought a few tanks/vests, the project rock 60 bag, long sleeve tops and the new track jacket - All of which are amazing and I would highly recommend. These however, I'm not so sure. Firstly, the build quality, packaging and the earbuds themselves are all top notch. UA and The Rock killed it in these departments. My issue is with the design/shape of them as they do not fit in my ears - Or I'll force them in as far as possible and they'll stay for a few seconds and then work there way out. I even tried ever combination or the small, medium or large tips & wings that are included to no joy. Definitely no good for training for me. So I've had to return them for this reason. I can't comment on any of the features or the sound quality as I never had chance to turn them on or use them. But that's down to my ears and plenty of other people say otherwise :)