Dameslegging UA RUSH™ ColdGear®

Artikelnummer: 1344519
Model lengte: Maat: Pasvorm: Compressie
Dameslegging UA RUSH™ ColdGear®
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Model lengte: Maat: Pasvorm: Compressie
Dameslegging UA RUSH™ ColdGear®

Product DNA

Uit tests is gebleken dat deze baselayer kracht en uithoudingsvermogen verbetert. Echt waar. Dat werkt zo: de met mineralen verrijkte stof zet de warmte die je lichaam produceert om in energie en geeft die weer terug. Zo kunnen je spieren harder werken en jij harder presteren.
  • Compressie: Superstrakke pasvorm die een tweede huid vormt
  • Het met mineralen verrijkte materiaal absorbeert de energie die je lichaam produceert en stuurt deze terug naar je weefsels en spieren, zodat je uithoudingsvermogen en kracht een boost krijgen
  • Superzachte ColdGear®-stof is ademend en rekt met je mee voor superieure bewegingsvrijheid maar is toch ongelofelijk warm
  • Speciale, hoge taille voor optimale bedekking en ondersteuning en een vrouwelijke pasvorm
  • Elastische tailleband met logo in reliëf
  • Mesh zak aan de rechterkant
  • Asymmetrische enkelzoom
  • Binnenbeenlengte: 71 cm
  • Voorzien van Celliant-technologie
  • Geïmporteerd

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Great look n feel

I bought this for my wife and it looks really good. Great color, comfort. Wife is happy!

Great performance, weird fit

These leggings perform well. They're warm and are nice and tight. I have a weight lifters lower half with a rounder bum, thick muscular thighs and a small waist. I think my backside causes wear issues because as I run they ride down and I've ended up with them leaving a gap in the crotch which is weird. No one wants to pull up their pants while running. Maybe I need a higher waist but there aren't many options for short gals with a booty that like to run in the cold. I have a 25 inch inseam and my options are really slim. I'm basically putting up with these leggings because they keep me warm when I run in cold weather.

Good, wish the waist was different

I bought these because of the features: the pocket, the technology, and the high waist. I’m mostly happy with my purchase, but I do wish some things were different. For me personally, the waist isn’t high enough, the Waistband is relatively thin compared to other high waist compression pants, which makes them roll on me. For the price, I’m disappointed in this. I love the side pocket, but wish it was a little larger to fit both a phone and keys. Overall, I’m happy - they keep me warm and are comfy, but for the price, I wish the waistband was larger and stayed in place better.

Great leggings... with a small but (where is the key pocket!!!)

I have to say i love these leggings. I don't know if they give me back that energy they capture or not... but I do thing they fit great, the length is perfect for me as they are not too short (I'm 5'7" and got S), the waistband is comfy and I do love the side pocket for my phone. Actually this feature is always a non-negotiable condition when I buy leggings for running or training. The grey colour is not really grey, the pic is quite accurate when it comes to the colour, in case you wondering like I did which one was wrong; the pic or the colour selector. It is a steel greyish blue, more of the latter. I took one star off because of the but... and this actually drives me CRAZY: I bought the matching top (same technology) which I wear together but... then i have this tiny/huge problem: the top has not pockets, the leggings has one side pocket (filled my by phone), so where do I put my house keys????? where??? come on UA, was it too much to do a twin side pocket at the other side? I'd gladly pay for the extra fabric... or a small key pocket somewhere else? I'm not picky really... but I am not storing my house keys with the phone... I had to go back to the old vintage trick of threading my shoe laces with the keyring... but really, this is sad. Seriously. Very sad. If it had that extra pocked I'd buy more, because everything else is perfect.

Warm and resistant

I bought this pants to race a Spartan Race in NC. It was an almost 5 hours race, 45 degrees, raining all the time. On top of it due to the rain, in most of the hills we were butt sliding... Most of us finish the race with hypothermia symptoms and a lot of people DNF. Those pants kept my legs warm enough for the conditions and even after all the butt sliding they are whole, not a small scratch!! Amazing.

Strange smell

They fit nice and look good but they have an off smell. I tried washing them but they still have this unpleasant smell. It’s nit very strong but not pleasant either.