UA Sport Wireless Train hoofdtelefoon — Project Rock

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UA Sport Wireless Train Headphones — Project Rock

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Product DNA

“Project Rock is geen merk, het is een beweging. Het is een levensovertuiging. Het kan me helemaal niets schelen welke huidskleur je hebt, hoe oud je bent, waar je vandaan komt of wat voor werk je doet. Het enige dat belangrijk voor me is, is dat we er samen in geloven dat we obstakels kunnen overwinnen en kunnen presteren, wat dan ook. Maar het begint allemaal met het werk dat we zelf bereid zijn om te verzetten." — Dwayne Johnson
  • Stevig on-ear design met een IPX4-beoordeling, gemaakt voor alle omstandigheden in de sportschool
  • UA SuperVent oorkussens zijn zeer ademend en gemaakt van een lichte, slijtvaste, sneldrogende stof die kan worden verwijderd en met de hand kan worden gewassen
  • De hoofdband en oorkussens zijn gevoerd met stroef materiaal voor een zacht gevoel en maximale stabiliteit
  • Dankzij de accuduur van 16 uur kun je de hoofdtelefoon gebruiken tijdens al je work-outs gedurende de week, en na een Speed Charge van 5 minuten kun je een uur muziek afspelen
  • De eenvoudige Bluetooth®-technologie zorgt dat je geen snoeren nodig hebt en niet wordt afgeleid
  • JBL® Charged Sound voor groots geluid dat is gericht op sport dankzij een rijke bas waarmee je door je work-out vliegt
  • Oversized knoppen met premium afwerking zijn slijtvast en gemakkelijk te bedienen
  • Talk-Thru-technologie verlaagt het muziekvolume en schakelt voor spraak geoptimaliseerde, noise-cancelling microfoons in, zodat je tussen sets door eenvoudig kunt praten zonder je hoofdtelefoon af te hoeven zetten Je kunt je microfoon ook op stil zetten tijdens gesprekken en Siri® of Google Now™ inschakelen
  • Dankzij stevige metalen scharnieren kunnen de oordoppen in de hoofdband worden gevouwen voor eenvoudig meenemen
  • Voorgevormde, harde hoes voor bescherming onderweg
  • Inclusief: hoofdtelefoon, hoes, oplaadsnoer, audiokabel, snelstartgids, veiligheidsinstructies en garantiebewijs
  • Imported
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Hammer Kopfhörer

Um Welten besser als erwartet. Dachte man zahlt nur für den Namen aber Tragekomfort, Sound und Optik sind der Hammer. Egal ob ich Kraftsport oder Ausdauer mache, die Kopfhörer sitzen sehr sehr gut am Kopf.

Cuffie project rock

Bellissime..... e si sentono mollto bene. custodia bellissima e in più escono 2 cuscinetti in più per ricambio

Motivation in your ear

Well designed and though out product love the one touch music dimmer for conversations it feels sturdy and durable. The sound and connectivity is top notch.

A have a question

Can you show how to get fast-drying fabric that is removable & hand washable? I can’t find even a video instruction))) because I scared to crash them) please help

Great Product

Have had these headphones for about a year now, wearing them 5-6 times a week. Still look/feel like new. Great sound; very well balanced and even at max doesn’t get obnoxiously loud for the ear. Only knock is that wearing them for extended periods of time (airplanes, train, long rides, etc), they get uncomfortable after a certain point. Overall an absolute must in my training/travel arsenal, and one of my favourite UH purchase ever.

dont buy this product

it just broke one of the sides when i extend the headphones to fit my head,merely in 10 months.its not even durable and dont have any quality.i wouldnt recommend anyone to buy this product.its really a waste of money and doesnt give the the quality for the price.

BEST Fitness Headphones IN THE GAME

I sweat....profusely. So when I saw The Rocks sweaty head with these headphones, I had to try them. I was not disappointed. The fit is a little bit tight, but after a few gym sessions the head band flexes and it does not feel tight. They are designed to stay on your head therefore the fit is snug. I love the sound dampening button. You can turn it off or on when you need to conversate with someone without taking your headphones off or lowering the sound down on your device. Just press the button on the side the sound lowers and then press it again to go back to the sound level you were at. A very convenient feature. The removable ear cups wrapped in a water resistant mesh netting adds grip and is surprisingly comfy. Unlike those rubber/leather covered ear cups the other brands have, these will not deteriorate after a few months. I have used them for about a year now and they are still in the same condition as when I bought the headphones. I go to the gym 5x a week to just put in perspective of how much abuse I put these headphones thru. These headphones has withstood every exercise that I do. Ranging from HIIT, Jogging, and Lifting. They stay on my head all throughout each exercise. I have used many brands, and these are by far the best headphones that I have ever purchased.These are the best sportswear headphones in the game. I recommend these to ANY gym goer, whether you are an avid fitness enthusiast or just your every other day gym attender.

Save your money!

I was really disappointed with the sound of the headphones for the price point. My faith in the project rock brand is just another celebrity endorsement.

1 year.

Headphones lasted one year and suddenly just stopped working. I used them 4 day’s a week while working out in my garage.

Great performance, for tiny ears

Overall, I love these headphones. They sound great, the battery life is BEAST, and they look phenomenal(I got the camo color). The voice control feature is great, and the "sound out" feature where you can fade out the music while someone is talking is really cool. Now. The thing I don't understand is why the earpieces are so small. I mean, I LOVE The Rock, but the man doesn't have baby ears, so I was confused by the sizing. I don't have freakishly large ears by any means, and the first time I put them on I thought it was a little odd. As a result, after extended wear you are going to start feeling some discomfort on the cartilage of your ear. I would love if they somehow came out with larger earphones to switch out. Overall, performance was great, carrying case and packaging was awesome, so I wasn't going to be a jerk and give 3 stars. I think you will enjoy these headphones!