Dameshardloopschoenen UA Charged Impulse

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Dameshardloopschoenen UA Charged Impulse
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Product DNA

Een hardloopschoen die zo licht en flexibel is dat je nooit meer wilt stoppen. Ervaar het stevige en ademende bovenwerk van mesh, de zachte Charged Cushioning®-demping en een gevoel alsof je vooruit wordt geduwd.
  • NEUTRAAL: voor hardlopers die op zoek zijn naar een balans tussen flexibiliteit en demping
  • Licht bovenwerk van speciale mesh is extreem flexibel en ademend en biedt strategische ondersteuning waar je die nodig hebt en een snelle, gestroomlijnde look
  • Binnenschoen over driekwart van de lengte omsluit de middenvoet en voorvoet, voor een stevigere en comfortabele pasvorm
  • Dubbellaagse Charged Cushioning®-tussenzool en dun rubber op de buitenzool voor een sterk dempende, flexibele en lichte ervaring
  • Massief rubberen buitenzool op de snelst slijtende vlakken voor extra duurzaamheid met minder gewicht
  • Reflecterende details voor meer zichtbaarheid bij hardlopen in het donker
  • Uitneembare inlegzool
  • Offset: 8 mm
  • Gewicht: 196 gram
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Walking on Air

I love my new Under Armour running shoes. At work am always on my feet and with these shoes I don't need to add anything inside for comfort. It feels like am walking on air! They are perfectly made and I recommend them to anyone who is active all day.

Great value for the price

I no that these shoes for work. They are lightweight and comfortable. They are a tight fit, but I am trying to break them in.


These shoes are so light and they are so cute! I love them! They did hit my ankle at first and rub some but I have been wearing them about a month now and that is getting better. Maybe I just needed to get used to them and break them in. They are SO LIGHT and they are very comfortable!

Great all round shoes

I have never worn UA running shoes before and so didn’t want to spend too much money on my first pair. I am not disappointed!! I have just began tuning again so needed comfort and well fitting shoes and these are perfect, enough cushioning for comfort and only rubbed for a day or 2 at the heel until they bedded in to my feet! Love them just to wear everyday and will definitely be purchasing an upgrade when these are well worn!!

My favorite running shoes

I love this shoes, I can run hours with pain in my feet.

Great for running

I bought a pair of these last year as I am a keen runner and found it difficult to find comfortable trainers that don’t hurt my toes. I cannot believe the comfort and support I have had from these. Even after a 1/2 marathon. Just bought my second pair in another colour. I’ve tried the super expensive trainers and I must say these have out weighed them fully.!

  • Last years colour! Love them.

Don’t waste your $$$

I bought these shoes because I was looking for a reasonably priced but decent shoe for walking to replace my Charged Escape 3. I walk multiple miles per day; 3-5 miles on average. These shoes have not held up at all. I got at least six months out of my Escapes. I’ve only had these two!! The soles are more foam than rubber and are completely worn down to the point there is no tread remaining. Now my feet hurt after every walk, and I need to find something new with stronger tread. I’m so disappointed.

Great for working out

Got these for my at-home dance cardio workouts. Comfy, cute, and great fit.

Great for casual wear

Love the look but not as durable for a 12 hr shift constant on the go. Cute for an afternoon outing.

Happy feet at last!

I've been waiting for footware that makes my feet comfortable. Sizing is spot on. Support in all the right places. Quality is great. So great, I 2 more pairs!