Herenhardloopschoenen UA HOVR™ Sonic 3

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Product DNA

Bijna net zo licht als een temposchoen, maar met meer demping: het is geen verrassing dat de UA HOVR™ Sonic meteen geliefd was bij hardlopers die graag lange afstanden lopen maar ook flexibiliteit willen. En dankzij Form Coaching in realtime van UA MapMyRun™ kan de UA HOVR™ Sonic 3 je helpen beter te hardlopen. Wie wil dat nou niet?
  • NEUTRAAL: voor hardlopers die op zoek zijn naar flexibiliteit, demping en veelzijdigheid
  • UA HOVR™-technologie biedt een ongekend licht gevoel en zorgt voor energieteruggave die de impact verlicht
  • Energy Web met compressiemesh omsluit het UA HOVR™-foam en vormt het, zodat het foam energie kan teruggeven
  • KOPPELEN MET UA MAPMYRUN™: meet en analyseert al je hardloopstatistieken om jou beter te helpen hardlopen
  • Bovenwerk van microvezel droogt snel en zorgt voor een stevige, ademende pasvorm voor meer stabiliteit
  • De tong is vastgemaakt aan het voetbed met rekbare vleugels zodat de voet stevig in de schoen zit
  • Het TPU-hielstuk aan de buitenkant biedt extra ondersteuning en structuur
  • Uitneembaar voetbed vormt zich naar de voet voor gepersonaliseerd comfort en optimale demping
  • Geïnjecteerd rubber onder de voorvoet en stevig rubber onder de hak voor beter contact met de ondergrond
  • Offset: 8 mm
  • Gewicht: 289 gram
  • Geïmporteerd
  • BELANGRIJK: Bevat onderdelen die niet bij het restafval mogen

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Fit is Small

Not suitable even oversized specially for a wide foot

Nice fit!

Light and tight. Snug but very comfortable. They have a Bluetooth that can track your run!

Good for Daily Wear

I bought these shoes for running but they were too flexible in the ankle and soft in the sole making injuries easy. I found Brooks to be good for running but these were good for daily wear, the soles are highly cushioned and the material was pretty dirt-resistant and durable and the shoe looks good with a lot of casual outfits. Had them for upto 2 years now.

What's happening with UA Quality Control?

Wearing UA shoes/boots exclusively for 15 years and never anything other than size 8. After about 30mins these are so uncomfortable, at the toe, it becomes unbearable. Only mention QC because of other pants that sizes are extremely inconsistent

Lightweight and comfortable

Sturdy but at the same time lightweight and comfortable. Great cushioning when running. Size runs a tiny bit on the small side. Well worth the money.

Product is good but it gets worn out quickly

After using this shoe for about 4 months, I could now see issues and feel discomfort while running. The issues I see are: 1) The bottom part of the shoe gets worn out too quickly and it makes running slippery. It doesn't make me comfortable to run wearing this shoes. I have earlier had UA shoes which I bought in 2017 and I don't see any issues with that even after using it for about 800 miles till date. 2) The mesh net on the top of the shoe (right) is tearing off. Fear that the tear might expand and rip the top part of the shoe.

Device Tracker

Shoes are excellent except the to connect the device tracker is dead, unable to connect from the 9 workout. Tried to connect maybe 30 times but still not working

Great running shoe

These shoes are flat out amazing. Even if I'm not out running, I still enjoy wearing these throughout my day because of the comfort. Running wise: just feels like I'm gliding. Best running shoe I've ever had.


I'm no stranger to underarmour foot wear witch is why I choose you. Overall the best foot wear out there. Love them and I'm gonna buy a second pair soon.

Very light & comfortable shoe

It’s a very light shoe, sizing is spot on. I normally wear 12’s because I like not having my toes squeezed but I’m really a 11.5 size. Got em in 11.5 and they fit perfect right out the box. Not a lot of cushioning for a heavy guy like me trying to get back into running though (265lbs) so I ordered the Hovr Machina right after I got these.